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The histories of The C-Team



There is a great variety of people in the world: much of them ignore us, some treat us badly, but then there is a rare and sparse human species: The cat people. If not for one of them, I would not be here to tell you this, MY STORY.


I was born on 28 of September 2009 by a feral mother cat. Well, to tell the truth, I shouldn't have been born at all, because some time ago they tried to capture and sterilize my mother. But they couldn't trap her, and that day she gave birth to my 3 siblings and me beneath a hedge in a garden area.



For some strange coincidence of destiny I learned about the existence of this abandoned cat the same day I had to say good-buy forever to my beloved feline companion Charlie.


A neighbour alerted me in the morning about a cat roaming the gardens of our blocks… In the afternoon I saw her, looking out from under a brush: eyes of gold in a black, furry face… a Persian! … and wearing a collar!


Days passed and she seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth… days turned into weeks… until she appeared stretched out in a corner from which she barely moved. Someone had put out water and dry cat food. It was impossible to get nearer that 3 meters without her climbing up and hiding herself in the brushes.



Writing the last months about Miga and Lorenza and chatting with my friends I came to notice one thing: With cats it happens the same as with humans. If you are a a nice guy and minding your own business, you may often go unnoticed, like my India…


And that's why today I'd like to pay a homage to HER, the silent, the patient and pacific, the not forgotten, but many times not mentioned, because she doesn't make the mieschief  Miga does and is infinitely less complicated than Lorenza.


Because she also has her story.


It was in summer 2002, when children from the compound where I live

Co-Worker Leo

Leo - un gato especial



Leo turned up in an urban garden on summer 2012. It was impossible to TRN him and he ent on wandering, showing up quite infrecuentely. En Fall 2013 he came back in very bad conditions, with a piece of ear missing, mouth twiched, his tail en an

strange angle and super slim and … stayed.

Thanks to that, to be able to feed him each day and treat him with homeopathy, his general state improved slightly and we could plan to trap and neuter him.


He passed the night before his release in my kitchen - and only then I realized the full dimensión of the state he was in:


He lacks practically all teeth form the lower jaw, his tail is partially inert and he has no control over

Phibï - bringer of light & healer of wounds


Our new incorporation appeared, like a glittering Apollo god, suddenly in our life. Born from his epithet Phoibos, the brilliant, in ancient Greek and its Latinized versions Phoebus / Phoebe emerged PHIBI.


The truth is somewhat less poetic. Phibi did appear suddenly one day, rather for having assumedly (been) flown like Apollo rocket over a garden fence. From there, in order to flee from the vile humans, he entered a very narrow deep ditch, from which only his lungs, calling for help, and a piece of rolled-up mesh were able to free him - to disappear again into quite high hedges ...


14 days (translated in 40 hours) later he could finally be rescued. Scared, hungry, dirty and full of fleas, he