When a beloved pet has gone ...


It hurts - and each person needs her individual time to transform that grief and emptiness in love and gratitude for the lenght of road shared.


I know from experience that the loss of a beloved animal companion can be as devasting or even more than that of a loved human being.



THANK YOU for making us one year more participants and accomplices of the immense love, the experiences and stories, which are the base of each unique and unrepeatable jewel, just as every animal companion and the bond that unites him/her with his/her human.

Lots of LIGHT on the path of learning to live without his/her physical presence. Because they will continue to live - in your heart and in the unforgettable moments shared. The bond of love will last beyond time and space - FOREVER 💕


Also this year, our collage is only a representative sample, and some of the most spectacular and significant jewels created are missing. But we respect not wanting to include them in our tribute and we are sure that each one remembers and honors their animal companion during these dates in their own way.


If you wish to share our HOMMAGE, you can do it this year directely from here, with the buttons below.

Thank you ❤️