When a beloved pet has gone ...


It hurts - and each person needs her individual time to transform that grief and emptiness in love and gratitude for the lenght of road shared.


I know from experience that the loss of a beloved animal companion can be as devasting or even more than that of a loved human being.



THANK YOU for sharing another year precious feelings, stories. bonds and singularities, and the unconditional love that only they can give us. All these 'ingredients', plus a little bit of our heart, are the base of every jewel, created in their memory. And 'planted' in the soul FOREVER.

Therefor today we celebrate those animal companians who transcended, lighting a candle for each one, and creating a heart of light.

Lots of LIGHT to 'see' that the love and all you shared together are still there, and nothing and no one can take this away from you. EVER. 💖


As in previous years, our collage is only a representative showcase, where not all are present. Although the memory of all lingers, and sure their humans will pay tribute to them in their own way.


If you wish to share our HOMMAGE, you can do it this year directely from here, with the buttons below.

Thank you ❤️

For all who are going through the trance of the last farewell, we offer our service to create you a very special memory - a jewel with their hair ...


Contact us to create your personal jewel to have your beloved companion always with you ...