Artistic personalized jewellery with hair from your pet

by MiMiga

Uniques as your companion



Your animal companion is an important part of your life - and often one of the most enduring relationships ...

He's always there and shares with you the best and less good moments. If it were for you, you'd  like to have him always by your side.


We help you realize this dream - with a jewel made with his hair.

sign of your union and your love & commitment  -  or a tangible memory of great emotional value.


* Please take into account that the creation of our pet hair jewellery is a process, that takes time. For this reason, as off the deadline dates, we cannot promise that you will have YOUR jewel for these Holidays. If you don't mind or we have the pieces to personalize it, naturally we also atend more individualized designs during the months of November and December. THANK YOU.