Artistic personalized jewels with hair from your pet

by MiMiga



If for a friendship, a partner, a family member you're wearing a (wedding)ring or jewel… ¿why not for your animal companion, who is often the most your most solid relationship?

Show the world how much you love him!



• To have your beloved pet always with your (when travelling*, at the dentist, even or especially on important days, eg your wedding**)


*As many of you may have experienced, sleeping without your pet on a simple trip - even in the most comfortable bed in the best hotel - feels strange. Our personalized pet hair jewellery helps you to miss him/her a little less!


** We have several customers who wanted to have their beloved pet be present at the "I do".


As love declaration to this special person (*with hair from her/his pet, your pet, or both) Surely she/ he can't resist!


• As a gift for the youngsters of the family. It'll be a keepsake of their beloved pet, which accompanies them in their adulthood.


• As recovery help for a hospitalized person, who's missing her pet.


• As a thank-you and memory for the foster home that cared for your pet before you adopted it...


• Or simply a surprise gift for that friend or family member, totally in love with his/her furry companion.



Naturally we also offer the creation of memory jewels with your diseased beloved pet's hair.


I know from experience how hard it can be to say goodbye forever to those we love …


Our jewels - unlike conventional funeral memorial jewellery for ashes - carry a part of your pet (in fact hair bears his DNA) - which will connect you with his life, not his death.


A visible and tangible memory, on the path of letting go and filling the emptiness inside you with love and gratefulness for the time shared.


We only need a small amount of hair obtained during regular grooming. In an artisan process, combined with elements like sterling silver, steel, leather and artisan glass, slowly comes into being an absolutely personal, original and different jewel of great emotional value, as unique as each animal, each human and each relationship.