Our clients' opinions

Hi MiMiga, I love my earrings from Mafalda's hair. A big thank you for attending in minute detail every aspect in the design of this jewel. The result is spectacular. They are just such as I've imagined. Thanks as well for the professionalism and the nice treatment throughout the whole process.  Next will be the necklace.                                                       


We are waiting for me to be hospitalized a few days for a surgical intervention. My husband knows that the worst for me is not having my particular and furry nurses around me (they are always at my side, especially when I’m ill). So he gave me this precious wristlet, with which I’ll have them near when the time comes. Anyway, the braclet is so nice that I couldn’t resist to put it on right away…


I'm quite delighted with MiMiga: For the nice treatment and the work on my wristlet, which turned out lovely. Even the inconvinience of having few hair from my cat (who unfortunately passed away before I knew about these jewels) didn't matter, although I had to collect it from clothes and his toys. On the contrary, they explained all very kindly, proposing different models, colors... knowing how important this bracelet would be for me. Despite of being a bit difficult for the small amount of hair, I know they created my wristlet with lots of love, and it's perfect. I have it always on me. Thank's for everything.


I had the wish to have my beloved cat somehow with me on my wedding, because I adore him and he's part of the family. Mi Miga traslated this into a proyect beyond the professional for the loving care during the whole process. The result was magnificent, various bracelets coordinated, one with hair from my Nyc, matching my pendants - and besides an extra fur-pearl, which gave my great joy. I'm delighted with the treatment. Thousand thanks for making it all so easy and just like I wanted.


When my bracelet arrived, I started to cry. It's more than perfect! I love it! I looks great! Thank you for making it possible to have Benito with me on my wedding day. I miss him so much and it was very important for me to have him with me today. I know he's in my heart and in my memories, but wearing him today has been incredible ... and only possible thanks to you! Benito would be very happy to see me with the man of my life so happy ... and to have been able to touch him as fur-pearl (as gift) on my neck has been very special ...


Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do in MiMiga. The necklace is absolutely beautiful. Many people who, like me, we have lost a loved one, appreciate there are people like you creating unique jewelery. Now I can have a bit of Rubi always with me, beside me - something special and unique, like each one of the animals that come to you. 


You can't imagine how thrilled my sister-in-law and my brother were with the gifts! It was the first time I saw her cry! I'm very happy that with your help we'd touched her heart. Thank you very much for helping us to keep the memory of our beloved companions alive. Those who have loved us and whom we loved back unconditionally. Those who have truly loved us they way we are, without any pretense. Thanks to you we have them next to our skin, in form of precious jewels, en remembrance of the great company they've been in our lives, helping to mitigate the great emptiness that by their loss. Thousand kisses. 


On July 22, 2015 I got up thinking that the life of a very special being and mine would change forever. I went to the shelter of my city and I adopted Noche. She had been there for two years and was about to die from Leishmania. I took her home, a small bag of bones, thinking it would be a matter of days before she'd pass away. After days of love, pampering, tranquility, a good diet and a change of medication ... Night was reborn to life and clung to it. It was amazing to see her improvement. Every day with her looks and licks she thanked os. We gave her the best life we could, beach, mountain ... where we were going, she and her brother Coco went too. In December 2016, her kidneys stopped working, she stopped eating and we sensed that something was wrong. We took care of her until on Christmas day she crossed the rainbow. She gave us year and a half of infinite love. We were truely fortunates to have known her. It was the best decision we made and I encourage everyone to adopt and not to buy animals. In shelters there are hundreds of dogs and cats looking for a home. It is in our hands to change their lives. Today remain her memories, her photographs and a thousand anecdotes. Luckily I found MiMiga, and thanks to her art & expertise I'll always carry a pair of unrepeatable jewels with me. Night will accompany me forever.


Finally my necklace arrived. Seems I've been waiting for it forever. When I opened it I've been very excited, it's beautiful. You have hit the nail with what I wanted to convey. You can't imagine how much I thank you. A big hug. And we'll stay in touch.


MiMiga did a spectacular work with my dogs hair. They created exclusive jewels and with great sentimental value, and the atention during the elaboration has been great and totally personalized. Without doubt, the best choice for animal lovers. I will repeat for sure.


I'm writing to let you know that I received the package this morning. I have no words, the bracelet is gorgeous, even more beautiful than I imagined. It's perfect. And I love the pendant, which is just as I wanted. Thank you so much for everything. From now on my Lulilla will always be with me.


I've just received the jewels!! I am impressed. They are beautiful! Beautiful and very elegant ... I don't have words, I didn't think they would turn out like that .... I'm happy!! Marvelled!!  I'll take a picture with them and I'll send it to you. A thousand thanks, a thousand hugs and a thousand kisses.


Thank you so much, the bracelet is beautiful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your work and to make possible that those pets who where so important in our lives remain present in such a beautiful way. Now I'll always have a little bit of my Yacky near me.


I received the package today. I loved the jewellery and the presentation!! All outstanding!!! Thank you so much for your work!!


I couldn't help getting emotional when I received my bracelet. It's like seeing Zarpa again. The braclet reflects perfectly how my kitty was and it's more beautiful than I had imagined. It's been carefully crafted, down to the last detail. It's perfect. Thanks so much for everything. 


I have just received the necklace and I am more than delighted! Thank you so much for making my love for our cuddly Cash in some form tangible. It's been a real pleasure and I certainly hope to ask you for another jewel soon. A huge hug from Cash and me!


The gifts were ... a great success! Everyone loved them, and there were even some tears of emotion when they realized what they were. My father-in-law says he won't never take it off, I have had to remind him to read the letter of care instructions carefully, so he doesn't damage it. Both my partner and my mother-in-law agree that the design is beautiful, you got everything perfectly right, colors, materials, measurements....

Once again I want to thank you not only for the wonderful work , but also for your advice and treatment - it's been a pleasure from start to finish. It has been a very personal and special gift and I will definitely recommend it to everyone who has a pet.


This morning I received the package. I was so excited that I even cried with emotion. Thank you so much for everything. It's been a real pleasure. The creation  process of the bracelet has been a wonderful experience. The bracelet is more beautiful than I imagined and perfectly reflects the image and memory of my dear Dany. It will be a treasure for me - every time I look at it, I'll think of my little one beyond the rainbow bridge, waiting for me. And also in you and all your support. Although I still haven't got over, it's been more bearable thanks to your advice. Thanks for the dedication and good treatment. I will definitely recommend you. A hug with love.


A very good afternoon!!!! I received the necklace yesterday, it's really wonderful, Uli, I'm without words to thank you, really!!!! It turned out spectacular, and indeed is totally Ratix!!!! I'm already wearing it and it'll acompany me on my day to day. Again, and a thousand times more, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, Uli for this wonderful bracelet. Pipo has been the most faithful, affectionate and special friend I could have dreamed of. His loss leaves the biggest hole in my heart, but I know he'll  be always by my side, not only in spirit, but because with this bracelet I'll always carry him with me. Thanks for your attention, keenness and niceties.  I know that little by little I'll be able to remember my little boy in a happy way. Fortunately I found you to carry out the difficult task of having my little one with me, because the result has been spectacular. Simply, thanks.


I just went to pick up Duque's jewels. Thank you so much for everything !!! I love them !!! They are beautiful !!! I can't be happier with the result :) Again, thank you very much for your attention. It's been a pleasure and a luck to contact you.


Thank you very much for everything! My mother is delighted with her gift (necklace). She's been very excited, she's found it very special and precious. My brother and I are very very grateful to you. A big hug and thanks for your magic!


Hi, today I received the wonderful ring, thank you very much, I couldn't imagine it more beautiful.


Hello!!! I've just received the jewel, I wanted to congratulate you on your work, It's precious!!!! I love it!!!! In addition I wanted to tell you that, in my opinion, what you do is very original, and more so with the sensitivity you're doing it. A bit further on I'll get in touch with you for a bracelet.


Hi Uli, let me tell you that I've just received the pendant and that I loved it.... It exceeds expectations and all the nice adjectives you can imagine. Really.... Thank you very much for everything and we are in contact... Soon we will go for the next one... The second of my 3 companions, my black Salem, will be the next... For him I think it'll be a bracelet. Thank you for your commitment and we'll talk soon.


Hi Uli, she's been crying and all; she's been delighted, because she didn't imagine how it'll be and it has exceeded her expectations. It's precious, very personal, it's Stich as a jewel. Thanks a lot for all ❤️.


Hello Uli, my jewel just arrived...it's BEAUTIFUL!!! You made me cry with emotion...it tured out gorgeous! Thank you very much for your work and for the dedication you put into it. Now I can carry my beloved kittens always with me. A huge hug.


Uli, today I finally received the jewel;  it's much more beautiful than in the photos. You are a great artist, thank you very much for everything. I  already have my furry friend with me and this necklace that symbolizes so much! A hug.


THANK YOU! Apart from loving how my jewel turned out, it has filled me with peace to have Enzo with me again. Being grateful to you falls short. I send you a big hug. With all my affection.


Hi Uli. Jewel received... I was very moved emotionally. It's really beautiful and I couldn't have felt more gratitude when I put it on. I felt that, in addition to carrying Jazz in my heart forever, now I'll also be able to take a bit of him with me wherever I go. Thank you for making this such a nice process and for creating this beauty. It's precious and I am so grateful. The whole package exudes love and care. A million thanks!!!!!!! ❤️


Hello Uli!!! I'm writing to tell you that everything is spectacular. I couldn't have put this project in better hands. Thank you very much for all the care and dedicated work. I've felt very looked after. I thank you a lot for it. I've recommended you on Instagram, Twitter and by word of mouth... Thanks for everything. I am very happy. A thousand thanks❤️


I just picked up the bracelet...it's much more beautiful than I imagined, you've exceeded my expectations, I think you improve day by day to make these impressive and emotional jewels. Thanks a lot for everything, you have undoubtedly captured the essence of Raspu, now he'll always be with me in a tangible way. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, you are a true artist. Doubtlessly I'll place more orders, because this jewel and the previous one I have are true treasures. A big hug.