In Memoriam


Today I dress in memories, with our jewels created with your hair and - above all - the love shared during those too brief 6 years, 4 month and 12 days.


You came into my life like an exclamation mark - making it clear from the beginning that I was YOUR human, disavowing your feline family. - And now you left me orphaned of your what? when I addressed you, our conversations, making raspberry sounds on your belly upon waking, your whisker tickles, taking fresh air at nightfall in the window in summer, sleeping in my arms, wriggling under the dried washing while I folded it, getting goodies out of several plastic bottle caps encased one into another, tapping me with your paw to get my attention, your small bites and nose kisses, your green eyes, your black velvet coat…


Someone once said that we only die when we are forgotten - and you'll stay forever alive - within me, between this pages and in every new created jewel.


Thank you for all lived together, your love and patience with my human limitations.

I love you! Till we meet again …


Mi Miga … ALWAYS.