We care about animal protection

You love animals and are concerned about the fate of the less fortunate ones?

You know how hard it is to rescue and seek a good home.


The C Team from MiMiga and our co-workers Leo & Phibï, all former street cats, and their human, we stand in solidarity against neglect and abuse because we have suffered it. We therefore support, within our means and in different ways a project in which we believe.


YOU too can do much, because united we are stronger.


BE RESPONSIBLE - an animal companion is for the whole life.

ADOPT. Save his/her life and the animal's who takes the place.

NEUTER. Enough unwanted animals are dying each day.

EDUCATE. Children in love and respect for animals.

REPORT. If you witness animal misstreatment.

FOSTER. If you can and have space.

COLLABORATE. If you have time.

DONATE. If you can.