There is a great variety of people in the world: much of them ignore us, some treat us badly, but then there is a rare and sparse human species: The cat people. If not for one of them, I would not be here to tell you this, MY STORY.


I was born on 28 of September 2009 by a feral mother cat. Well, to tell the truth, I shouldn't have been born at all, because some time ago they tried to capture and sterilize my mother. But they couldn't trap her, and that day she gave birth to my 3 siblings and me beneath a hedge in a garden area.

Our mother hid us and only she got out to eat, playing hide-and-seek with the woman who brought us food, so as not to reveal our whereabouts.

DAY 40
Each day we are more and more lively and today 2 of my siblings ventured to inspect the food bowls with my mother. I tried to climb the hedge, up and up, and up… but ¿now how I get down? Help, mum! But she doesn't hear me and goes on with her food. SOS! I'm hungry too and the food is very far away down there: I think I must starve up here… But no, suddenly something grabs me very gently and put me down to earth, where I first run away, only to come back to eat. It has been a human and she grabbed me with her hands!!!




DAY 41
I'm curious about this woman who saved me yesterday. First I try the food she brought us and then I sniff her out: She smells of cats and tenderness and I venture a little further, and even I allow her to touch me lightly, although my mum snorts and attacks her with her paws… She does not trust her, but I like this human person…



DAY 45
Our mother has moved us another time…well they moved all but me. I got lost somehow half the way. Has she forgotten me? Doesn't she love me anymore? And then, once more some hands get me up, a voice speaks softly to me and imitates the sound of my mother, so as not to frighten me, and takes me to my siblings. It's HER. Thank you my human mummy!!!




DAY 46
Not everybody is good, with that my mother was right. Some bad neighbors are throwing crude potatoes at us and try to forbid my human mummy to look after us.

DAY 58
We continue to hide from the bad neighbors, and worst of all, we cached a cold!

DAY 59
How patient is my human mummy: While my cat mum is attacking her, she takes out tins and bottles and prepares our food wit medicines to help us get better.



DAY 66
Now we're all well once more, although my mother didn't like all that was going on and got every day more aggressive. When finished eating my siblings laid down to wash one another, but I went with my human mummy to play with the far end of her trousers and her fingers, and I allowed her to caress me.

DAY 68
I can't believe it! Our mum has moved us once more! To a terrace roof where nobody can find us… Has she put me up here to prevent me from going with my human mummy?


DAY 69

I've found the way out. But...
Have you ever seen a cat climb down head first? NOOO? Then watch closely, because THAT'S ME!



DAY 72
All my siblings are running at the food, but I prefer to be with my human mummy, and, although she puts me newly with together with them, I go back to be caressed … and scratch her boots…



DAY 84
It's raining since a week and it's very cold. And although we cuddle all very closely, we suffer. My human is doing all she can to find us a home, but it's very difficult.
DAY 86
Now, at feeding time, she has to give me the pâté on her finger, so I can be longer with her.

DAY 97 Today I 'hunted' a saussage thrown out from the window by a neighbor.



DAY 101
It has to be in the morning, but it looks like night. There's a bad storm going on. My human mummy is frantic and fears for our survival. So she launches a desperate message to all people she knows: We want to live! - May we introduce ourselves?



DAY 105
SAVED! She found a place for us in a German animal protection society.


DAY 108
Now, they 'only' have to catch us. I go straight into a the cat box she brought. Later comes a very kind young man who catches my siblings, with s lot of patience, with a trap. We go to the vet, all frightened, scratching and biting. Thank goodness!, he takes it lightly. We have Rhinotraqueitis and he gives us a antibiotic shot, sprays us with anti-flea spray, and with more medicine and an ointment for our eyes he sends us … where ???

DAY 109
To my human mummy's home ! After thinking it trough very carefully and not finding another solution, she'll put us in quarantine in her kitchen. She has more cats at home (it couldn't be the other way) and one of them is very old and has a delicate health… Really not to put up with a wild gang like us…




DAY 110
Wow, how scared they are all! Hardly they are showing out of the sleeping house. There is also a basket, food and water, toys and a green litter box. And then there is SHE. She gives me food, plays with me and I give her head bangs and purr to show her that I am very happy…

DAY 118

Today vet (once more). But now we're not savage any more and behave very well: They give us more vaccination, microchip, pills against worms and take blood for analytics. And then they give us even an European passport!
DAY 122
My siblings have become also more playful and affectionate… But nobody like me, I'm a chatterbox and if my human does not attend me I us her as a staircase…
She also eats often in the kitchen, today she's made vegetable stew. How if you let me try the carrots?




DAY 126
I think SHE also feels the bond they I created between us. Because, although she says that she cannot have more cats and I'm yet adopted in Germany, she does something very funny:
She opens the door to the living room and presents me to her own cats. We say hello to each other sniffing our noses… but then I shy away a bit, stick out my hair and hide behind the sofa… Well only for a little while 'til I see that there is no danger. Or until… she's gets our a piece of cheese and I have to test it's taste…




DAY 128
This morning I helped with the dishwashing and got all my head wet. But I like the sink and the water from the tap.



DAY 130
Today is the great day of the journey. What will become of me? Will the love that I planted in the heart of my human be strong enough to overcome all her plans, fears and doubts?


still DAY 130
There are two transport-boxes in the kitchen. She takes one after one of my siblings and puts them in. Will it be my turn now?
PLEASE, LET ME STAY WITH YOU. She takes me in her arms, gives me a kiss and says 'Until en two days, my Miguita'. Then she grabs the boxes with my siblings, and I am alone…

DAY 132
How long could stretch two days! When she arrives at last, I don't' stop mewing… she's alarmed because she thinks that I suffered hunger or thirst, but I only want to be with her. Then she opens the kitchen door, strikes me gently and says: this is your home now…

DAY 133
Later my human told me, that being chosen by a cat is a great fortune and a great privilege that nobody should turn down. And that she also loves me a lot, and that, if for only a moment, she would have thought of giving me in adoption, surely she would have brought me back with her.


My story continues on the next page... but please don't leave this one without reading my APPEAL TO ALL HUMANS


BE RESPONSIBLE - an animal companion is for the whole life.

ADOPT. Save his/her life and the animal's who takes the place.

NEUTER. Enough unwanted animals are dying each day.

EDUCATE. Children in love and respect for animals.

REPORT. If you witness animal misstreatment.

FOSTER. If you can and have space.

COLLABORATE. If you have time.

DONATE. If you can.