Leo - A special cat



Leo turned up in an urban garden on summer 2012. It was impossible to TRN him and he ent on wandering, showing up quite infrecuentely. En Fall 2013 he came back in very bad conditions, with a piece of ear missing, mouth twiched, his tail en an

strange angle and super slim and … stayed.

Thanks to that, to be able to feed him each day and treat him with homeopathy, his general state improved slightly and we could plan to trap and neuter him.


He passed the night before his release in my kitchen - and only then I realized the full dimensión of the state he was in:


He lacks practically all teeth form the lower jaw, his tail is partially inert. and he has no control over his spicters. His extreme panic towards human presence, even towards voices from the street, point at he's been severely mistreated. X-Rays performed later showed fractures not quite fresh fractures in hip, spine and tail.


Thus, he couldn't go back on the street, but at home I lacked space, meanings, time and experience… but it was his only chance to survive.




I was overwhelmed …


The first days were caos… the first month a challenge…


He needed month to admit being touched at more than his head and more month to wear a nappy pants… but with infinite patience and love we were able to learn from another and create slowly slowly an acceptable routine.


I don't say it's easy, a cat with special needs is a cat with special needs, which don't

understand "I'm tired", "I have lumbalgia", weekends, vacations and so on…


And I admit it, there are days when I get stressed. Finish cleaning furniture and floor for the umpteenth time, and once again all dirty, sit down half a minute and he's

pulled off his pants or the poop brims over and soils quilt, my clothes and more…


But then I look into his eyes - and all that isn't important any more…


Leo is happy - ignorant of his special condition.


And thanks to some strange quirks of fate he has total mobility. He's overcome his fears towards practically everything and is one of the heftiest sweet cuddling cats

that I know.


Maybe that - and a special affinity with me-  triggered that Leo started with urine obstruction just 2 days after the tragic death of Miga. My frightened cat, whom up before I couldn't get to the vet, ended up in the following month to get used to the

complete vet and hospital staff, comings and goings to vets, emergencies and

hospital - although all this couldn't finally avoid an urethrostomy.


He, who pulled off his vet collar and catheter and made a fuss, worthy of a wildcat, to retrieve him from the clinic and get him home so he could eat cat grass and vomit an

enormous hairball, beared with feline dignity more than 3 weeks of post-operatory, without even touching his vet collar.


It's plain who wears the pants in this house.



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On July 20, Leo, our special cat, left us unexpectedly. After overcoming psychological consequences of abuse, idiopathic cystitis, obstructions, an urethrostomy, urinary infections and serious digestive problems, our fighter passed away inexplicably, leaving a great void in our heart, our hearts, our home and our life.


THANK YOU for everything learned together. Every little step in trusting again, each shared achievement has been an immense gift.

Now you no longer need to wear your pants and can run with your tail up high (as mistakenly painted on your urn)  chasing the stars. 

Forever, my Hero.