I have CAT... what does he/she/I need?


The first and most fundamental:

For a happy life with #cats it takes (in)formation.


It's not a 5 minute task, but nevertheless, we want to give here all 'newbies' in the feline universe - and catlovers, committed to the welfare of their pussycats, - a few brief touches of the most important.



the arrival AT HOME


Your cat needs to feel safe to show his/her full potential.


The arrival at your home is a radical change for him/her. Just as if you suddenly woke up in a country that you don't know and everything is different: people, smells, customs. And you are alone. Put yourself in his/her place - all he/she needs is patience and love. Each cat has his/her individual time span to adapt - respect it.





Cats are social animals, but their social structure differs from ours and that of other mammals (gregarious). Their great power of adaptation facilitates them to coexist with congeners, humans and other species.


But they maintain a high degree of individualism and the need to control in their interactions.


They are territorial. Their known territory provides them security. Changes (other animals, humans, environmental) can be experienced as a threat.


Important: Cats need three-dimensional space

(if you do not want your cat to climb on the furniture, better adopt a dog)


Cats communicate through body language (eye, ear, whiskers, tail - posture) and olfactory languaje. Observe and learn their 'language'. They also use marking and the voice (almost exclusively for humans).



Specie-specific NEEDS

Basic resources

Important: In different areas!



food + water (separated)

See: Your cat drinks the neccesary?  (COMING SOON)



Important: proper size and correct location


See: Your cat doesn't use the litter box?  (COMING SOON)



Essential in a home with a cat. Not only for nail care (and ideally to protect the furniture) but also for communication.

See: Why does my cat need a scratching post?



Being able to express his/her innate hunting instinct through play is fundamental for your cat.


Play with your cat! - The most interesting toy is always the one shared with his/her human. Playing together is good for your relationshipImportant: Don't play with your hands.

See: Why cats needs to play



Provide your cat with a place where he/she can retire and rest - feeling safe from any discomfort. 



It's not a luxury - it's a basic necessity for an indoor cat.

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A window or balcony provides your cat with great stimulus for his/her senses (olfactory, auditory and visual stimulation). Do not forget to protect it to avoid accidents.

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If you have plants, keep in mind that many of the most usual are poisonous for your cat. Plant him/her better a pot of grass.

See: Caution: Toxical Plants!



Respect his/her disposition for interaction - let the cat initiate the contact

ver: Acariciar a tu gato puede estresarle.

See: Petting your cat can stress him/her.  (COMING SOON)


Do never punish a cat (it doesn'o't work, he/she doesn't understand it and can even grow afraid of you). Always use positive reinforcement.


  • (VET) CARE 

Take your cat regularly to the veterinarian to prevent and detect health problems.

Fix your cat BEFORE his/her sexual maturity. Avoid unwanted litters and health risks.

Identify your cat by micro-chip


The wish to increase the family with a human or non-human member entails the responsibility of having (in)formation about the whole process and the intrinsic needs of each being.


Hopefully our recommendations have helped you to know a little more about your cat and to follow us on our Blog, Facebook y Twitter, to share together the wonderful universe which is the world of cats.


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