Why cats need to play



Many indoor cats are bored because they lack the stimulations from outdoors and live a pampered life with food always available.


In wildlife cats have to hunt to calm their hunger, and not all attempts are successful. The instinct to hunt is inborn, but they have to train their skills and strategies to reach their goal.


We imitate this repertoire when we play with them with rolling balls (mice) or toys agitated in the air (birds).

Surely you have observed your cat having his/her crazy-5-minutes. They do this, following a natural pattern of behavior, to defuse tensions, built up from their "dolce far niente". Cats are sprinters who can reach over 50 km/h, if only for a short while. In the long inactivity periods they gather energy to use it later in concentrated form, e.g. for hunting.


We can use this natural inclination for play (hunt) and make them Intelligence Toys, to have them work for their food.


Not only to entertain them, but more so to stimulate their senses and intelligence, prevent obesity (many cats eat out of boredom) and all in all to have a happier cat.

And the best is, that we have most of the building material we need at home… it takes only a litte time and creativity!


¿Do you join in?