Goku & The Black Pearl



Today we want to share with you one of our most beloved jewels - a bridal bracelet to have close during the "I do" also the other part of the family, the furry part ... And although Lion, the dog, doubled, being both physically (as a ring bearerbearer), as in the jewel  - the undisputed protagonist of it is his feline companion, Goku.


 Want to know why?  Read on:




At the beginning of March we received the following message:

"Hello. I get married on June 29 and I'd would like to have a bracelet with my pet's hair. The dog will be at the wedding, but the kitty will not, and I want him to be."


We sent an informative email, explaining the process and what we needed for it (photos of the animal companions, description of the bride's style and photos of the wedding attire).


I don't know why, but I had an intuition ... (until now the  pets of our wedding jewelry had luckily always had light colors - at least partially -)


And, the confirmation came with the photos ... Lion, the dog, of gray-white tones ... and Goku - a beautiful black panther.



Immediately I started looking for solutions to cover as far as possible the black hairs in a jewel, possibly of white pearls and for a white wedding!! I considered several options, from non-transparent pearls to hiding Goku's hair inside Lion's.


But ... when I mentioned the possible alternatives, Goku's human literally replied:

"... and referring to the black pearl ... I do not think it would look bad, in the end Goku is black, haha; it's a reality and that there is something on the bracelet that clashes with the color only indicates that he's there. I don't care about the color at all, even if it's for my wedding, it's a memory for a lifetime, and I prefer him to be seen. "



I could have jumped for joy ...


Furthermore ... after going crazy looking for some pearl covers to match the dress and cover at least the black pearl a little more, Goku's human opted for the other option, so the pearl could be seen!


Delighted with her decision, I replied enthusiastically Hurrah Goku and his black fur!! and we began to refine materials and colors.


Resulting in a design of white and pink Swarovski pearls - the colors as the bridal bouquet - and her favorite, with 2 artisan mini glass pearls with Goku & Lion fur, flower-shaped silver ornaments - and a heart-shaped toggle closure - mirroring the beautiful back of the dress.




Technical issues and a last-minute request for inclusion of some Swarovski crystal elements required 2 slight modifications of the design - and some 2 months after the first contact, a very special bridal jewel - with Goku's black pearl - undertook journey to destination .



And here some photos of the jewel at the wedding ... and the other protagonist, Lion.




Thanks a lot for trusting in us for that special day - and for that great love for Goku, to make him the undisputed protagonist of the wedding bracelet.


We loved it - and revindicating a black cat 'taking it' to the wedding in the form of a jewel (which he certainly is) - because it's also a way to end the non-sense regarding the precious miniature panthers, that unfortunately still in the 21st century persist. THANK YOU!!



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