My first year


Water from the tab! Not so easy at all...



Playing in the kitchen.



DAY 166

Wonderful! Sun and a soft cushion!




DAY 167

I finally managed the cat flap!




Look! Grooming me all by myself!



I'll tell you a secret: 'Miga' means in Spanish 'breadcrumb'. And, although my name comes from a contraction of mi amiguita (my little friend) - mi miguita - mi Miga, I am totally crazy about bread. And that's because when I was out there, many times when I was hungry I ate the bread a neighbor threw down for the pigeons…and later my human was worried because I wanted so little cat food…
But it took her a very loooooong time to find out.



Hmmm... toast bread! Off with the plastik!



My first Birthday! With a bread-cake...




On March 13th fate robbed us unexpected and tragically Miga, only 6 years old. Apparently healthy and with all vet controls, she started - out of the blue - to convulse and died in my arms.


My beloved cat, companion, love, inspiration, guide and flagship - you'll be forever alive within me, between this pages and in every new jewel created.