Heatstroke in cats

The cat in the photo hasn't suffered any heat stroke. It's Miga when she had a breast problem, which we treated among other things with cold application.


Until now we thought that cats were less exposed to heat stroke, except perhaps on trips (- partly by stress -) and for that reason we warned of the risk in Holidays Not without my cat!


But, this morning we saw storn clouds on the horizon, when when we learn that a friend almost lost her cat, at home, to a heatstroke ... So, take notice, especially if you live with flat nosed cats (persian, exotic ...), puppies, elderly, obese, or sick cats, cats with reduced mobility and / or long hair. And at the smallest symptoms act quickly.



How do cats regulate heat excess



Cats can't sweat, like we do, to regulate their body temperature, and they only have sweat glands at the angle of the chin, lips, anus and between the pads of their paws, ears and mouth (panting * see 'symptoms') to get rid of excess heat.




 which can contribute to trigger a heat stroke that can compromise the life of your feline.




  • restlessness when looking for a cooler place
  • excessive grooming
  • breathing open mouthed 
  • panting
  • sweaty feet (sweat tracks on the floor)
  • drooling
  • red or purple gums
  • rapid breathing
  • dilated pupils
  • threwing up
  • stumbles
  • lethargy, collapse, convulsions
  • insensitivity
  • high fever



  • leave him always access to cool places
  • distribute fresh water in several bowls all over the house
  • hang damp towels or put them on the floor to cool the environment (on that ones your cat can also lie down)
  • groom your cat with a damp mitten


Emergency Measures


Important! Lower the temperature GRADUALLY 


  • take your cat to a cool place
  • begin to wet his fur, beginning with head and neck
  • give him to drink (use enentually a syringe)
  • cover him with damp cloths


Cooler to the vet or vacations



If you have to take your cat to the vet, be careful with the temperature inside the car, and especially inside the carrier. Put ice sheets, wrapped in a towel, for refrigeration under the carrier to keep it cool.


This trick also works if you take your cat with you on vacation. In this case, also carry a bottle of water and towels in the car, just in case ...




Please share this information - it can help save lives.