Possibly the most original jewel on earth


... and I'll tell you why ...



It's thrilling to have after 13 years my first cat, Filomena, my belowed Charlie (who left me two years ago and left a huge hole in my heart, that only slowly filled with love and gratefullness), and my 3 actual cats, India, Miga and Lorenza united in a jewel made with their hair.


Lorenza, Indi, Charlie, Miga, Fifi


But, perhaps I should explain a bit more about jewels made from animal hair.


It's not sure where the idea started.


Maybe the most known and mediatic are the creations from Flora Davis, made from hair of her own cat, and those from Heidi Abrahamson in the U.S.


Althought in Germany there are some artisan who have been creating jewels from animal hair for some years, but customized, and they have become quite fashion.


Facinated by the idea, I was stunned by the commentaries from some of the german artisan's clients. People who were helped in their grief for the loss of their beloved feline, others who found it easier bear the absence of their cat while in hospital... and a great many who only wanted a unique and absolutely personal  jewel. And a sign of the bond, that honors the love of their felines.


Time passed, but the I couldn't get the thougt of it our of my head. Until recently I decided to investigate, to learn the know-how, to experiment and create the first prototypes.


And just as each cat, each hair is different. And therefore each jewel made of it [not only mine] is 'possibly the most original jewel in the world' - and has an huge emotional value.


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