Going Green...

Our Blog (and Web) are now also more ECO-LOGICAL


This blog is carbon neutral. Yours too?


Following our environmental commitment we hooked up with the initiative from Pro-Tierra (Spain) and Mach's grün! (Germany) named "Make your blog carbon neutral".


Up till now we believed that using recycled paper, publicity material printed in an ecological printer, ecolOgical packagings and New Tecnologies to reduce the enviornmental impact it'll be sufficient.


But no, we were wrong.


Simply we left out that a computer, using electricity, also produces CO2 emisions in the atmosphera.


Dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross, physicist at Harvard and environmental activist, calculated that each visit to a blog produces aproximately 0,02g of CO2.


Pro-Tierra and Mach's grün! are part of an european inniciative, surged in Germany,  www.bonial.fr/environnement in France and www.lokata.ru/spasiderevo in Russia) that battles against the elevated CO" emisions and has saved, together with environment organizations, bloggers  and consumers more than 50.000 trees yet.


In collaboration with "I plant a tree" arose a campaign that counterbalances this electronic environmental pollution planting a tree for each partaking Blog.


If there is among our readers someone who has an own blog, here's the link to make it also environmental friedly.


Because you really don't have to be en ecologist to see that we can't go on this way. Today opening my letter box fell out an avalanche of leafets, which - in most cases - go directely to the recycle paper bin, not without a sense of  guilt and wrath about the pointless squandering of natural ressources.


As example, only in Germany:


  • 33 kg of paper for advertising,
  • 2,7 millions of trees cut down
  • 1.157 millions kWh of electricity
  • 4,62 billions liters of water
  • and 455.400 tons of CO2 emissions in one year


If you're also fed up with this madness, please put a label with the inscription "Please no advertising leafets - I protect the environment" on your mailbox.


We need the trees and forrests. They are essential for the water cycle, to neutralize CO2 emissions, reduce the greenhouse effect, and today, more then ever, to cure us from the new deseases like depression, stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety states, produces by the lack of contact with nature.



When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and the seeds of hope. - Wangari Maathai -