Despite their growing popularity, cats remain the great unknown. We want to change this, offering information and advice on our cat blog and helping their humans to identify themselves as a cat person (*).


Passionate about felines, my interest to know them better took me over 2 decades ago to start devouring books and publications (general, ethology, natural therapies, stories ...).


But my most important teachers were - and remain - the cats themselves. I was lucky to share a big part of my life with them in different environments and conditions and observe them.


And they continue to show me that they're absolute individualists, who don't let them classify into preset schemes. Each cat is a world!


Recalling my first steps and my ignorance back them, and seeing the false myths and misconceptions still exist today, I want to share what I have learned - and continue learning - through our Cat blog and social networks.


To them, my wonderful, mysterious traveling companions.


Especially to you, Miga, my partner, love, guidance and flagship. Your inspiration will be present in every page and every new jewel created.

My Miga ... always.



(*) Unlike dog lovers who are easily recognized walking their dogs, we cat lovers are more invisible to others. Therefore we have created our cat design jewellery, that allows you show off your passion.


... it's more, we even offer you personalized jewels with hair from your beloved cat so you can always have him/her with you.