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Leo's legacy


After losing last summer totally unexpectedly - and inexplicably our beloved Leo, our special cat - not only because of his special needs - we were devastated ... and I didn't consider to incorporate a new cat into the family for many months.


As for spacial reasons it’s practically impossible for me to do a long quarantine, I spoke with Alex from La Gatoteca, so that, when the time came, she would look for an already adolescent or adult cat, compatible with my whirlwind Phibï.



But life had other plans ...


One day in October I saw an SOS on a friend's Facebook for a "special” foster case: (Another) Alex, a 2 month old kitten, victim of human vileness. Run over / beaten and / or kicked (previous contact with poison is not ruled out), dying, stiff and hypothermic, diched on the roadside. Despite arriving with only a trickle of life, quadriplegic, blind and deaf from impact, the vet took a chance, medicating him and putting him in a cage with infrared light - and so, in that photo, I met him.







I struggled between heart and reason. The days went by, the girl who had taken him to the clinic and a friend took turns taking care of him and he went up and down the villaje in the carrier, until he was brought me to Malaga. He weighed so little, that the carrier seemed empty. We didn't know how much he could recover and what sequels he would have left. And finally the day came to take him to a complete check-up at the hospital, where he was detected with severe anemia and was hospitalized, also having an episode of hypoglycemia.



Only just back, he became ill again and a PANLEUKOPENIA test gave positive! He had to spend another week in the hospital - and the already difficult quarantine became surgery-room like - for a minimum of 6 weeks!


... And our little great fighter pulled it off,  he managed to survive that they wanted to kill him, he managed to survive an anemia that was almost out of the diagram, he managed to survive a panleukopenia - and 2 days before Christmas (and an 8-week quarantine that seemed endless ) managed to conquer in a few minutes Phibï, his now "big brother".


He learned not to walk in circles, learned little by little to get out of stupor and look at things, learned to play, chase balls, turn right (his "bad" side), to climb high places….


From barely a two-pound kitten he became in this time a ball, which looked more like a giant hedgehog, than a kitten, hoping like a bunny. And now with 6 months and 4.4 kg he’s almost a cat. He’s another "special", more "absent-minded", more "clumsy" and with neuronal sequelae on the right side ... - but, like Leo, he's happy, enjoying life, eating, playing.



Welcome Alex Roombito

You weren't planned, but I assure you, you were the best Christmas “gift” in my whole life.




Below the story of his first 8 weeks and a half - ALEX Roombito - The movie 



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