Learn another language - from cats!



Now you can learn new languages with the help of cats.


Memrise, an educative platform from the U.K. launched today CatAcademy, a new gamified mobile app which uses cat pictures to learn a new language more easily and having fun.


The first language offered is Spanish, and Italian, French, German and Portuguese will follow.

The app costs £0.99 and contains 1.000 frases, equivalent to 2.000-3.000 words, providing written text in both languages and fonetics (vía audio section) to facilitate pronunciation.


Based on the best principles referring to organisation of frases-based courses, utility, word frequency, tecvnology and all the science around learning und memorizing.


The curious thing is that the developing group recognizes: "We are a scientific, data-based group - but the data drove us to the cats."


Memrise CatAcademy, mobile app, Spanish Course with cat photos