Intelligence Toys for Cats



As yet commented in 'Why cats play', the modern way of life of many cats, above all the indoor cats, makes it difficult for them to act out their natural instincts and behavior. And,  although cats are true masters of fitting into the most various environments, the lack of activity can lead to boredom,  compensated  with (increased) food ingestion.

You can make your cat a funboard, that stimulates him/her to ‘catch’ his/her food and satisfies his/her hunting instinct.


If you are no so good with your hands or have no time, you can chose one from the great variety that offers the market.

We had a look and that’s what we found those at zooplus.




Often it’s also worth to have a look into the dog section.


The fact that cats can be left alone for quite a long time, does not mean that they should be left alone. We are responsible for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The daily playtime not only prevents problems like being awoken in the night, but tightens the bond between cat and human.

We should not forget that a cat is a predator and the satisfaction of it’s hunting instinct is important for it. It's quite interesting to observe how a cat investigates new things, tests and appraises them and perfections ore changes it’s technique.

Most cats are most thankful for the enrichment of their day to day life, including the elder ones.

My cat India, 11 years, refused throughout her whole life every kind of cat treats. Now she is eating with relish the malt tabs she ‘hunted’ or ‘found’ during our play hour.

On the other hand, an interactive feeding toy also is helpful in case your cat ingests too much food out of boredom or devours his food in no time.

I wish all of you can – like myself - discover while playing many new facets of your cat(s).