A new game: Cat-mington



Now with the sticky summer heat we don't want to race around the house chasing fake mice ... we are all day chilling in cool places... So our human has invented us a new game, lest we get bored ...


So better she'll be the one to tell you...


Well, yes, they do nothing more than sleep, those lazybones and that cannot be ...


As lately I've been soaking - not just in sweat - but in lots of information about smart cat toys - I wanted to do a test before throwing me and you (if you want) into the task of making them a funboard.


And what can I say ... They love it!!


I only have to call 'playing' and the troupe appeares out of nowhere. Our beloved India is already 11 years old and maybe it took her a few minutes to understand the game, but now she adores it and  and  -the best -  thus se eats malt treats which she wouldn't accept.


And as a picture is worth a thousand words, here' India:



... more so, the have all their personal tactics (videos from Lorenza and Miga)